Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ninja Dogs in gaming

As with anime, Ninja Dogs figure prominently in the video gaming word as well. Often these two cultures share the same members, so it makes sense that the presence of the Ninja Dog would be felt in both.

Ninja Dog, in a way, can be found in the XBox game, "Ninja Gaiden Black". More specifically, it is "Ninja Dog Mode", which is a higher level of difficulty in the game, though not the highest. There is, however, no actual Ninja Dog.

The truth is, that these Ninja Dogs, while amusing, have very little in common with actual Ninja Dogs. Japanese Ninja Dog is a breed of dog. We have very specific breed standards and traits. These do not include running around in white or black sheets with our faces covered, swinging swords. They do include cuddling in bed with our human companions and defending them from vacuum cleaners when necessary.

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