Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ninja Dogs in fiction

Due to its prevalence in Japanese culture, the Ninja Dog has found it's way into popular fiction, most notably as the character of Akamaru in the popular anime series "Naruto."

Though Akamaru, as a cartoon, does not meet the breed standards of an actual Japanese Ninja Dog (to begin with, he's all white), the character's origin is certainly steep in the lore of its real life counterpart.


  1. There's a Warner Bros. cartoon, released in 1954, called "No Barking" that features Frisky Puppy, voiced by Mel Blanc, that could very well be an early representation of the Japanese Ninja Dog.

    The Chuck Jones cartoon also features Claude the Cat. And a cameo by Tweety.

    The only discrepancy is the depiction of FP as opposed to a JND is a reversal of the colors. FP is more red sesame than white.

  2. Well, if he loves Naruto, then he should love ninja dogs.